Activity Idea


Adhere to Independent Originality

In the current fashion world, commercialization trend is more and more obvious. Silent original works are getting buried. The protection of originality brooks no delay.


Show self-characteristics

Through integration of fashion, the designer’s individual characteristics are no longer prominent. What the contemporary era needs most is the self-characteristics of desginers.


We are now looking for 20 ambitious and innovative designers at home and abroad and will hold a LABRIC TALENT SHOW filled with youth and vitality during the internationally-known Milan Fashion Week this September. Give the public spotlights and microphones to these young and rebellious generation in the fashion industry, let them give voices for themselves. Fashion people will detect their potential future. They shall never be the supporting actors.

Labric believes that school is just the same starting point for everyone. We are always convinced that, in the fashion industry where a lot of fashion graduates are delivered from various colleges and universities, there are still quite a number of talented designers being neglected in such a macro-environment. Maybe their styles are unique enough with distinctive individual design characteristics, and what they need is just an opportunity to be exposed to the public view, or a platform to display their self- concepts.